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Man Pays $115,000 At Auction For “12THMAN” License Plate

12thmanThe good news (for those who think this is the 15th Seattle Seahawks story we’ve published over the last 24 hours) is that for the first time in god-knows-how-long, we have a 12th Man story that doesn’t involve a team from the Northwest. This story is 100% Texas-born and bred, as it involves a Texas A&M fan —¬†Tony Buzbee, an attorney from Houston — who paid the hefty sum of $115,000 at auction to become the proud owner of a crimson “12THMAN” license plate.

Normally, we’d all sit back and have a good laugh at any dope willing to pay six figures for a license plate, but, in this instance we can’t, as Buzbee plans to give the plates to a decorated war veteran who graduated from A&M:

“I’m not saying who it is yet, but I see him as a 12th Man to our country,” said Buzbee, who said he was a former officer in the U.S. Marine Corps. “He did a lot more than pay a hundred thousand dollars for a license plate.”