ScreenShot2013-09-12at115502AM_zps09d9c83d49ers third string running back Anthony Dixon must not understand the concept of “bulletin board material” when he threw a stick of dynamite into the fire of one of the NFL’s best up-and-coming rivalries with this tweet last night.

The 49ers are slated to venture into Seattle next Sunday evening in a clash of the NFC’s two Super Bowl favorites. CenturyLink Field, universally regarded as the most hostile and difficult place to play for visiting teams is expected to be even more raucous after Dixon’s inflammatory words. 

One member of the Seahawks, linebacker K.J. Wright, was especially unimpressed by Dixon’s tweet, responding in similar fashion.


Many expect this to be a preview of a potential NFC Championship Game showdown between the Seahawks and 49ers and this little twitter feud is sure to make it even more interesting. Dixon, primarily a third down back will likely not receive many carries this season for Kendall Hunter and LaMichael James are the 49ers primary backups, but should Dixon get any carries, Wright will assuredly be looking to lay the hurt on him.

Last season the teams split their two matchups with the 49ers pulling out a 13-6 defensive game in San Francisco and the Seahawks drubbing the 49ers 42-13 at CenturyLink. Either way, mark this game on your calendar folks, it’s sure to be a good one and will be showcased on Sunday Night Football on NBC at 5:30 pacific.

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