SeahawksAny Seattle Seahawks fan (oh, sorry, 12TH MAN) who thinks about tossing an insult (or worse) towards an opposing fan this season had better think twice, after the team announced a partnership with Seattle police that it hopes will help curb unruly fan behavior at CenturyLink Field. The plan: dress cops in the visiting team’s apparel, and let the dimwits come right to them.

The strategy will get its toughest test (and quite possibly its biggest haul) right off the bat, as division rival and fellow Super Bowl favorite San Francisco comes to town this weekend for a Sunday night game that is sure to be chock-full of inebriated fans (on both sides, of course). Fans caught breaking The Clink’s code of conduct will be subject to a four-hour online educational course at the offender’s expense before being allowed back for future events.