During the second quarter of the Texans and Chargers Monday Night Football game, Andre Johnson (and the Houston Texans’ social media folks) thought that Andre had a long touchdown after refs ruled on the field that he hadn’t been touched down by a defender. However, after a review the refs called the pass a completion, but not a touchdown. It appears that the Texans official Twitter account got a bit too excited after the ruling on the field and Tweeted that it was a touchdown.

As any savvy competitor would do, the Chargers social media folks took the opportunity to have a simple yet effective jab to the Texans which you can see below. The Texans deleted the Tweet shortly thereafter and replaced it with: “After further review, Johnson was down. Gain of 27 by Texans for a 1st down. #TexansGameday”

Another subtle jab was thrown by the Chargers about 20 minutes later, and it almost backfired. The Chargers Tweeted “TOUCHDOWN!” in all CAPS, but that play also had to be reviewed and it led to their social media folks sweating it a bit. They deleted that Tweet and replaced it with the below two Tweets as they waited to find out it was actually a TD.