Happy Football everyone.

Welcome to the Next Impulse Sports Sunday GIF Roll, where we will take a football journey around the country collecting the best moments from Sunday’s NFL action.


The Titans found a new, interesting way to kickoff an NFL season as Darius Reynaud picked up the football before it reached the endzone and then downed it himself inside the goal line, meaning two points for the Steelers.

Meanwhile, Adrian Peterson did something snazzy by scoring a touchdown on his first carry of 2013..who says training camp is important?

Unfortunate news for the Steelers when pro-bowl center Marquise Pouncey went down after a teammate rolled over his leg, ugly.


The Jaguars’ Mascot got into the action early as he two-handed Chief receiver Donnie Avery.


There were three safeties in the first half-hour of the NFL season. This one was executed nicely by Bucs’ QB Josh Freeman.


The Black Unicorn aka Martellus Bennett submitted an early bid for catch of the year with this grab over the entire Bengals defense.


Ndamukong Suh just doesn’t get it.


Vontaze Burfict gives us our first helmet-to-helmet of the season as he launched into Matt Forte.


Geno Smith owes Ed Hochuli a thank you after the referee decided to let this go…


Troy Polamu is an absolute beast. This is the best timed blitz I’ve ever seen…


Joique Bell gives us the old “HEYYYYYYYYYY-HOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO” for his celebration.


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