The hockey lovin’ fans of Canada HATE Nike like HOT FIRE right now and with good reason. The official unofficial maybe official jersey of Team Canada looks like an UGLY Christmas sweater.

Canadians are PRAYING  and HOPING that this is a BAD joke and the jerseys that don’t suck will be unveiled on October 8th:

“Hockey Canada will unveil and launch the jerseys that its men’s, women’s and sledge hockey teams will wear at the Olympic and Paralympic Games in Sochi on October 8,” the statement said. “We look forward to telling the story and innovation behind the jerseys at that time.”

That better be one hell of a story or the people of the Maple Leaf will “DO IT” on any piece of Nike apparel they can find.

Now hockey lovin’ Americans just wished they could have a do over on Nike’s attempt to poop on freedom.