This is weird, folks.  And, to the best of my recollection, this is also a first.  According to a Milwaukee CBS affiliate, Ryan Braun is calling individual season ticket holders and apologizing.

“I messed up.”

That is what Pat Guenther, a bar owner in Milwaukee and season ticket holder, is saying Braun told him.  Guenther said he cut off Braun after that and told him, “You know Ryan, I think you’re an amazing athlete and this speaks volumes to your character to reach out to a small business owner like myself and let us know that you are going to do better.”

If this were Entourage they probably would’ve hugged it out.  Instead, the phone call ended and Braun presumably picked up the phone to call his next victim season ticket holder.

You have to admit, there is some sort of respect that is needed to be given to anyone who is cold-calling another person, especially since you have no idea what that person might say.  But what is Braun expecting?  And is this apology sincere?  The guy duped thousands of people and made millions of dollars due to his cheating – something white collar people go to jail for all the time.  Of course, Braun had talent before his drug-induced, performance-enhanced MVP-caliber seasons, but it’s obvious he knows he messed up supremely.

So with that said, is this apology enough?  Milwaukee fans had a hard time letting go of Randall Simon’s evil-doings.  Will they do the same for Braun?  At least Brenda Lee can sympathize.

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