newThe good folks at James Madison University held a contest over the summer where fans could submit their designs to possibly become the new face of the JMU basketball court. When the smoke cleared the powers that be at JMU chose one of the more ‘different’ courts we have seen in college basketball which is highlighted by two massive drawings of their mascot, the Duke Dog.

The winner of the contest was JMU fan Becky Tayloy, and officials actually added the JMU signature from another fan’s submission.

“The final design, for all of the work that went into this, meets all of my expectations,” James Madison men’s basketball coach Matt Brady said in a statement. “I think it embodies the original vision, which is a perfect blend of a modern or hip look combined with something that still has dignity and respect. We’re very appreciative of everyone who participated in the process to make this new court a reality.”

O.K. then.


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