Man what an opening weekend for college football. No, not the performances of Heisman hopefuls Teddy Bridgewater, Johnny Manziel, Braxton Miller, Jamesis Winston, or Blake Bortles. I am talking about the revolution launched by FCS this weekend as they took down EIGHT of their FBS big-brethren.

Not only did EIGHT FCS teams claim victory including one over a ranked team, but they were paid handsomely to do so. According to ESPN’S Brett McMurphy, this was to the tune of $2,625,000. It breaks down like this:

  • #25 Oregon State paid Eastern Washington $450,000 to beat them 49-46.
  • Kansas State paid $350,000 to North Dakota State to have them come in and claim the 24-21 victory.
  • Iowa State wrote a check to Northern Iowa to the tune of $350,000. They lost 28-20.
  • San Diego State, a team that was originally supposed to be the Big East American Conference this season, gave Eastern Illinois $325,000 to crush them 40-19.
  • New logo UCONN forked over $275,000 for the right to be embarrassed by Towson 33-18.
  • Then a big upset (was it an upset??) in the Georgia Dome as newly-minted FBS school Georgia State lost to Samford 31-21. They paid $250,000 for that opening loss. Welcome to FBS.
  • Last year’s basement occupant of the Sun Belt, South Alabama, paid Southern Utah $225,000 for a narrow 22-21 defeat.
  • And finally, my personal favorite, the University of South Florida Bulls coughed up $400,000 to McNeese State. MCN proceeded to bludgeon the Bulls 53-21 setting records for both the amount of points for an FCS school vs. an FBS team as well as margin of victory. Coach Willie Taggart supposedly called his team mentally challenged following the loss (or maybe he said “mentally fragile”).

The best part of the USF loss is new coach Willie Taggart’s offseason methods of firing up the team and fan base including this gem of a video:


Please watch your step as you board.


[Brett McMurphy]