Calvin Johnson appears in the latest Nike commercial in support of their new Nike CJ81 Trainer Max, and it is pretty great and a bit different at the same time. In what would seem like an odd pairing, P. Diddy and Calvin work well together and the concept is solid. Not a surprise as Nike continually pumps out some of the world’s best advertisements.

According to NIKE Blog:

Being a superstar of Calvin Johnson’s caliber is a full-time gig. In addition to gamedays and daily workouts, strategizing and gameplanning, there’s all the off-field nonsense to put up with, like signing autographs, doing interviews and just being a celebrity in general.

Luckily for Megatron, he’s not merely one man, but “Calvin and Johnson,” two distinct halves that can autonmously focus on being the best football player possible (Calvin), and being a celebrity (Johnson). And Johnson looks A LOT like Diddy. But he’s not. He’s Johnson.