Chicken WingsGood news, Folks-Who-Don’t-Live-Near-A-KFC-Popeyes-WingZone/Dome/Arena/Stadium/Whatevertheycallitinyourtown! McDonald’s is bringing bone-in, winged goodness to your neighborhood. And, by “your neighborhood”, we mean they’re putting them in every location in America.

McDonald’s had been testing the cayenne and chili pepper-flavored wings — which will be sold in three-, five- or 10-piece packs, starting at $2.99 — in Chicago and Atlanta, and recently gave the green light for a national roll out beginning September 9th. All locations should have the new wings by September 24th.

Now, the bad news: Mighty Wings will only be on sale through the end of November. So, if you want a piece of history, and a little something different from the rather pedestrian American McDonald’s menu (here’s the Wiki page listing all the crazy international McDonald’s menu items), consider this your heads up.