This past week our team had the opportunity to sit with the Dallas Cowboys’ cheerleaders at Variety’s Sports and Entertainment Summit in Los Angeles, and we walked away with a few gems which we figured we should share with you.

The Dallas Cowboys cheerleaders have been the platinum standard for cheerleaders in the NFL (and every other sport) for some time now and we always wondered what it would be like behind the scenes. Work out a few times a week? Show up on game day and dance a little? Party with players most nights? Sit at a pool and tan all day?

Those were some of the misconceptions we have heard (and made ourselves) until we got a glimpse of what life as a Dallas Cowboys cheerleader is actually like. Here is what we learned…

1. Being a Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader isn’t these ladies’ full-time job – The biggest revelation that came out of the interview is that this is definitely not these ladies’ full-time job. The Cowboys cheerleaders are required to be either a mother, have a part-time gig on the side, or be a student. Kind of awesome, no?
DCC 2012 Squad