The Eagles have finally selected Mike Vick to start at quarterback under new coach Jim Kelly’s regime and things seem to be looking, up as new energy seems to be flowing through the streets of Philadelphia. After a horrible season in 2012 (4-12) the Eagles exist as one of those teams that are extremely difficult to figure out coming into the new NFL season. Will they be a surprise team? Will they be an embarrassment again? With plenty of athletes on both sides of the ball, two big name back up QBs and a new high tempo strategy installed on offense, this year is vital in establishing a new style of football without longtime coach Andy Reid. Put plainly, the Eagles must make strides in order to please, what could be the most obnoxious fans in all of football. Its all about results… My opinion on the Eagles below…

Offense: Despite the loss of Jeremy Maclin the Eagles offense has high expectations this season as legitimate speed exists in the backfield and at the receiver positions. With the combination of LeSean McCoy and Bryce Butler the Eagles’ running attack should be more than solid; especially when combined with the run and gun threat of Vick running the ball. Up front the offensive line should become more involved as communication is highly stressed under Chip Kelly. The success of this unit is extremely important to Vick as last year, three different starters were sidelined with early season injuries. Rookie RT Lane Johnson also should adjust nicely. On the outside the speedy DeShaun Jackson, is poised to have an outstanding year if he can stay healthy and if Vick has time to get him the football. Lastly, WR Riley Cooper and TE Brent Celek round out a unit that could be explosive if everything comes together. This depends mostly on Vick. In the end if the Eagles can establish the run Mike Vick should be able to have plenty of success in the passing attack.

Defense: After a horrible 2012 defensive season (15th overall total defense, 23rd overall defending the run, 9th overall against the pass) the Eagles’ front office made several changes to defensive personnel as S Patrick Chung, CB Cary Williams, CB Bradley Fletcher and S Kenny Philips  were picked up in order to provide support in the secondary. In addition, DT Isaac Sopoaga and LB Connor Barwin were added to  support  talented LBs DeMeco Ryans and Mychal Kendricks. As an entire overhaul was performed this offseason (changing from a 4-3 to a 3-4 scheme) expect there to be an adjustment period, as new chemistry must form between a new group of  starters. It will be interesting to see if all these moves pay off come 2013.

Overall: The Eagles will show some great promise during 2013, however in the end they will just miss the playoffs due to mistakes and a strong conference. As Mike Vick boasts a bounce back season with some big wins and decent numbers; 2013 could lay the foundation for a serious title run in 2014.