FC Vitosha Bistritsa have finally made their long-awaited big splash in the transfer market. The Tigers have brought in Boyko Borisov, a 54-year-old striker from Western Bulgaria.

Not only has Borisov instantly become the oldest player in Bulgarian Football, but he is also the only player in the league to have formerly ruled a country.

Borisov served as the Bulgarian Prime Minister from 2007-2009. During that time he was linked to the mafia, allegedly laundered more money than you can shake a stick at, and threatened Bulgarian journalists.

Apparently this isn’t Borisov’s first stint with the Tigers:

Strangely enough, Borisov, who claims to be a striker, has actually played for Vitosha before on several occasions before, though mostly in charity and exhibition games, it must be said. However he did once pip Dimitar Berbatov in a fans’ poll to crown the 2011 Bulgarian Player of the Year.


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