The Roberto Luongo saga in Vancouver came to an end at the NHL Draft when the Canucks dealt away Cory Schneider — Luongo’s promising understudy — to the New Jersey Devils.

The deal ended two years of back and forth between Luongo and the Canucks. The whole ordeal took a toll on Luongo who didn’t seem too thrilled to not be dealt at any point during the two-year standoff.

Canucks’ fans Mark Yuen and Harrison Mooney decided the best way to win back Bobby Lu was to put out a Roberto Luongo tribute video. Set to the tune of ‘We Are The World’ the piece is an emotional roller coaster that must’ve really touched Luongo because he makes a brief cameo at the 2:50 mark.

Yuen and Mooney are talented hockey video producers, their ‘Call The Union‘ video became the rallying cry of hockey fans everywhere during the lockout.

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