Leave it to Deadspin to take a wonderful story — such as the American’s 11-game winning streak — and get all bratty by socking it to the squad before they’ve lost anything.

The US National team is currently entrenched in the Balkans for a friendly against a very talented, tough Bosnian side.

The US looked a bit lost in the first half, which was somewhat expected given that they were in a hostile environment and missing some of their key players. The wonderful people at Deadspin figured a poor first half was enough for them to publish a piece slamming the US (once again a team that has won 11 matches in a row) and run with it.

Almost as soon as the piece went up the US has taken the lead on the strength of two goals from Jozy Altidore and one from Eddie Johnson.

To be fair they have updated the post, but in the most Deadspin of ways, in other words — not saying ‘our bad.’

Barring any foolery, the Americans’ 11-game win streak is going to end today. And actually, that’s OK. But what’s more concerning is how poorly they’re performing against Bosnia, who represent the caliber of competition that’ll be waiting for the USMNT next summer in Brazil. Even if a result tonight was always going to be difficult, it’s never good to see a team get manhandled all over the pitch.

UPDATE: Foolery has occurred, and now the United States are even with Bosnia, 2-2. Minutes after Jozy Altidore assisted an Eddie Johnson goal, he scored a great left-footed strike from the top of box that tucked just inside the far post to beat the Bosnian keeper. Altidore has now scored in five straight games for the United States, and is tentatively the truth. Don’t tread.

Hopefully a lesson learned.