Minor League sports franchises really have to think hard to come up with original ways to put butts in seats. From Constanza Night to Silent Night the sad reality is that if these clubs can’t figure creative ways to get people to come to the park, they could go the way of the Coffeyville Glassblowers or the Aberdeen Black Cats.

The Rockland Boulders — an independent league team playing in the Can-Am League — are breaking the mold with “Cheapskate Night.” Geared towards penny-pinching baseball fans,the Boulders are allowing patrons to pay for as long as they want to stay.

Cheapskates will only pay for as long as they want to stay.  Thus, if a cheapskate is willing to dig deep into his or her pocket because they want to watch all nine innings then they would pay nine dollars, which is a savings of nearly 44% for the best seats in the house.  If they are only willing to watch eight innings then they would be on the hook for eight dollars etc, etc, etc.  If they only wanted to watch the ninth inning, then they would only be charged a buck and guess what if there isn’t a bottom of the ninth inning the Boulders will refund fifty cents.

The frugality doesn’t end there. Fans will be able to flip a coin for a chance to buy their concessions for a dollar.

In addition to the cheap tickets, cheapskates will be encouraged to “flip for their food.” The price of hot dogs, Crackerjacks, peanuts and pretzels at the home plate concession stand will just be a buck if a cheapskate calls heads and the quarter lands on heads.  “Freebies” will be in the lineup as well as Goose Island Craft Beer has anteed up and is going to give away free samples.  In the middle of the 8thinning, the King and Queen of Cheap will be crowned with a Cheap Trick song blaring in the background resulting in the winning couple receiving a cheap date night that will likely include eating in their car out of Styrofoam containers.

Cheapskate Night is set to take place on August 26th when the Boulders welcome the rival New Jersey Jackals to Provident Bank Park.


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