In a relatively important move today, the Chicago White Sox traded Alex Rios and $1 million to the Texas Rangers for a low-level prospect.  The move allows for the Rangers to essentially rent Rios for the rest of the year and replace the gaping hole left by Nelson Cruz, who was suspended earlier this week for his involvement with the Biogenesis case.

Instant analysis of the trade is an obvious plus for the Rangers.  As mentioned, they fill a hole in RF that would’ve been filled by a bench/role player.  Rios will provide much more than that, as he is still serviceable at age 32.  He is hitting .277 with 12 HR, has stolen 26 bases so far this year, and can play any position in the outfield relatively well.

The move by the Rangers is great.  They pulled the trigger on a trade during  a relatively quiet trade deadline.  The Pirates, who had the opportunity to acquire Rios, may be kicking themselves after this.  Texas had definitely placed itself into contention.  Coupled with a few pitchers coming back from the disabled list, this move could help Texas return to the playoffs for the fourth straight year.  Currently they are tied with Oakland for the division lead.

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