Larry David, creator of Seinfeld and Curb Your Enthusiasm, believes he could turn the bad fortunes of a NFL team.  David is a big sports fan and has some interesting thoughts on the game, said here in a Rich Eisen podcast:

There’s no doubt in my mind. I write stories, so why couldn’t I draw up a play? What’s harder? I think a lot of writers could be offensive coordinators. I know I could do it…With me, I’m back in the school yard. I’ve got him, who do you got? If I’m the defensive coordinator, you’re not gonna see a running back out in the slot waiting as a safety valve when the quarterback can’t find a receiver. There’s not gonna be a safety valve in a David defense. You know why? That guys gonna be covered. You won’t have linebackers just standing around in a zone.

David also claims to be in favor of always going for it on fourth down and is very against kneel downs.  You have to admit the guy seems pretty knowledgeable.  The chances of him being a general manager or head coach are very slim, but the man has enough money to own a team, so who knows what we might see from him in the future.