Apologies for the tardiness on yesterday’s edition. We’ll chalk it up to a “technical glitch” (also, I may or may not have been at the beach — or, what passes for a beach around here — and not near a computer). Yet, we march on with today’s episode, which centers around one of the most notable punching bags in NBA history, Shawn Bradley.

First, let’s get one thing out of the way: getting dunked on never feels good. Especially nowadays, because when something like this happens, it’s only minutes before it’s uploaded to YouTube and posted on approximately 6,000 blogs. Once the dust settles, then comes the discussion about the damaged psyche of the poor fella on the receiving end of said dunk. But guess what? Everyone gets dunked on. Especially any big man worth his salt. It’s called “playing defense” (or, at least attempting to).

As for Mr. Bradley, you can make fun of him all you want, but he lasted a dozen years in the league, averaged a respectable 13 and 8 for a few seasons, and was always at the top of the league in blocks per game. We’re just saying, you could do worse with a #2 pick (Darko, anyone? Hasheem Thabeet? Stromile…you know what, we’ll be here all day). Shawn Bradley also made an estimated $70 million throughout his career. For that skrilla, I’ll let anyone film me getting dunked on, and then toss it up on SportsCenter.

Also, he’s apparently trying to cure leprosy, so quit hatin’.