Rich Clune was temporarily banned from twitter, presumably by the Nashville Predators management after he tweeted some unconventional conditions of his contract extension. Clune has made a real name for himself lately, going essentially from fourth line duster (if not healthy scratch) to one of the NHL’s most beloved enforcers and of course, tweeters. He even managed to get his followers to start a #CluneForSochi campaign…which is just brilliant.

Now that Clune is back on twitter for the first time in weeks, 150 characters wasn’t nearly enough space for him to get his message across, so he linked us to his blog, where he dabbled in a bit of poetry that does not disappoint.

The poem goes a little something like this:

I’ve been asked what happened? Where did my Twitter account go?

But it’s not me you should ask, about the @richcluneshow

You see there are many, theories and rumors

But the truth of is, I’m still very clueless

At first they laughed loud, and were all very pleased

But I used some foul language, and became a disease

Not once would they mention, my positive tweets

F-bombs and “chirping”, were screen-shotted for keeps

You must understand, I say things for effect

I’m a really sweet boy, my manors – the best

It’s true I made fun, of some Kings and some Stars

But it was just sticks and stones; I didn’t take it too far

I guess I’ll say sorry, to some of my readers

But admit Seguin’s a dork, along with little Justin Bieber

But enough about him, let’s talk about me

I am truly a narcissist, can’t you see?

Most days I lay, in the sun on the grass

And thank the good Lord, that I’m a good looking bad ass

People ask me if this, is all just an act

Am I really this weird, is this truly a fact?

I thought I was being, politically correct

I hope that statue in Dallas, stands tall and erect.

The back of my jersey better read the name “dicky”

It’s to honor my alter ego, he can be very tricky

And I will have you all know, I can fly an airplane

However, I’ll admit, the media request was insane

I raised money and awareness, for drug addiction

My gratitude for all of you, is surely not fiction

They told me to be smart, and keep it PG

Not knowing the whole time I had a plan up my sleeve

I’m here to play hockey, to put on a display

I may even tweet more, I don’t know, I just may

If there’s one lesson you should learn, in all of this

Don’t believe everything you see, not even a kiss.

Because there might come along, that very sad day

When the account disappears, again kids OK.”

And there you have it. The Tyler Seguin jokes will never get old.