A lot of people in the world despise Cristiano Ronaldo. I don’t blame soccer fans for hating on Roanldo — he flops, he whines, and he scores goals against their favorite teams.

Tonight though, my opinion of the man has changed a bit. During Real Madrid’s match with Chelsea, an awesome a crazed Madrid fan ran onto the pitch just so he could feel Ronaldo’s sweaty embrace. There are a lot of people who think that pitch invaders or streakers are just idiots, but Ronaldo has obviously touched this person in a special way and the two shared a beautiful moment.

Kudos to Ronaldo for the way he handled the whole situation. The two were hugging for a pretty long time all things considered and Ronaldo showed this dude the attention he desperately was seeking. He even helped to escort the fan off the field.

I’m proud of the Portuguese star tonight.