The Washington Redskins just hail a couple helicopters anytime they need their practice field’s dried, and I think I am going to start doing the same thing for my own lawn. HeloAir apparently helped out the Redskins’ groundskeeper for free, pretty cool stuff.

According to the Washington Post:

Early Friday morning, Redskins senior vice president of operations Lon Rosenberg inspected the fields at the facility and found extremely soggy surfaces. He placed a call to Richmond official Jane Ferrara for some help.
“He said the fields were drenched from all the rain yesterday, and they were looking for a way to get them dry very quickly,” said Ferrara, chief operating officer of economic and community development. “One of the tricks of the trade is to bring in a helicopter to come down on the 50-yard line and blow-dry the fields. I immediately got on the phone to call the people I know in the community. Everybody wants to help the Redskins, everybody wants the camp to be successful. So Whit [Baldwin], at HeloAir was ready to come in and help us at the turn of a dime.”