Breaking Bad works so well because it’s stars and the people who have made the show possible know how much it means to its fans. Aaron Paul, Bryan Cranston, and Vince Gilligan are very good about interacting with their devoted fan base and making sure they feel like they are a part of this whole experience.

In yet another classy move, Gilligan and co. have bought a bunch of billboards throughout Albuquerque thanking the city for being such a huge part of the show. Like Baltimore in The Wire, ABQ is not just the setting of Breaking Bad — it is one of the most important characters in the show. Good on Gilligan to make sure they knew this.

Breaking Bad‘s final season is 10 days away. It is a bittersweet countdown for most fans, as we want to know what fate has in store for Heisenberg, Cap’n Cook, and Hank. But it is going to hurt when the show disappears for good.

Click next to see a few shots of the billboards.

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