Buffalo Bills’ defensive lineman Mario Williams is pursuing a second career in law enforcement and has completed training at the Lone Star Police Academy.  While that’s all well in good, and even wise for an NFL player to look at life beyond football, it seems as though Williams has been engaged in some fishy activity as part of the Academy’s training process.  As part of an investigation in the matter, determining whether the academy should be suspended, the Conroe Courier reported:

Regarding Williams, the document stated that an instructor was not supervised during one-on-one off-site instruction with the cadet, the cadet’s attendance records were well below advisory board requirements, no learning objectives or course evaluations from private instruction sessions with the cadet were on file, no testing documentation was available for the cadet and that findings were that testing records were destroyed after the test.

Looks like another case of a star athlete receiving special treatment.  The real question is how much was Williams knowingly involved in these shady proceedings?  My guess is that he knew full well what was going on, that now it’s all just a joke, and that we shouldn’t expect Williams to be patrolling the streets of Houston anytime soon nor after his playing days are over.

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