Dusan Langura joueur de basket © C.H.

University of Georgia basketball recruit Dusan Langura tore his ACL after a bomb went off during his required military commitment in his native Switzerland. Langura, a walk-on with the Bulldogs, will reportedly still report to UGA but is expected to miss most of, if not all, of the upcoming season.

“It really is a unique story,” Bulldogs head coach Mark Fox said. “He was injured in the explosion, and one of the injuries was a torn ACL. We had committed to have him come. He can really shoot the ball. He was gonna be on our team. He had to serve his military commitment, and this happened during it. We’re still gonna honor our commitment to him, and once he gets healthy he’ll be out there with us. But he probably won’t be cleared to practice until January or February.”

Pretty rough break for a talented kid, but you have to respect his commitment to honor and serve his home country.

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