Drew Brees

Nik Richie, of TheDirty.com fame, does not discriminate when it comes to outing the lowlifes of America. This includes beloved Saints quarterback Drew Brees, who Richie confirmed left a $3.00 tip on a $74.41 tab at Del Mar Rendezvous in Del Mar, California, earlier this month. Based on reports of the waitress being fired for publicly outing Brees’ stinginess, Richie released a statement claiming it wasn’t the waitress who passed along the information:

I want to make it every clear to management at Del Mar Rendezvous that Carissa DID NOT submit this receipt of cheapo Drew Brees. Contacts at the restaurant have told me you will be meeting with her tonight to discuss termination. Drew Brees is the 3 dollar tipper, don’t fire her because of his actions.- nik

UPDATE: Daniel Shalom Schreiber, Managing Partner of Del Mar Rendezvous, has responded to the allegations against Mr. Brees, of which we’ll highlight two key paragraphs:

I am not at liberty to divulge the identity of our guests or to confirm the authenticity of this receipt or whether it is a digital creation and fraud. What I can say is that we believe Drew Brees to be a great guy and pillar of the community in New Orleans as he was and still is in San Diego through his immense charitable giving and wonderful leadership. Last year our restaurant participated in his Brees Dream Golf Tournament, donating hundred of dollars of food and staff time to the charity event. I have included a few images from that event and have issued a personal apology to Mr. Brees along with a personal donation of $888.88 (eight is the luckiest number in Chinese culture) to his Brees Dream Foundation today.

We believe the donation, but Schreiber still provides proof. Next, Schreiber explains the $3.00 tip:

If this is an authentic receipt, it would indicate that Mr. Brees is a very generous individual, as it would be a takeout receipt (indicated by the fact that there is no table number in the top left of the check, but rather a guest’s name) and takeout orders do not usually garner a tip at our restaurant.