It’s official, the Beard has signed with the Dodgers. Wilson, 31, became a symbol of silly during the San Francisco Giants 2010 World Series run, regularly entertaining us with his antics, interviews, and choice outfits.

Wilson has been sidelined since 2012 following Tommy John surgery and is believed to be back to full-strength after working out for the Giants, Pirates, Dodgers, and Diamondbacks. The Giants and Pirates were frontrunners to sign Wilson until the Dodgers swooped in at the last minute and signed the Bearded Wonder. Wilson has 171 saves and a 3.21 ERA over six seasons with the Giants and is expected to serve as a setup man in the Dodgers bullpen after a few minor league tuneups.

This move comes as a shock to many, especially in San Francisco where his quirky personality and larger than life facial hair were embraced by a city that is proud of its oddness and counterculture.

Let’s be honest, though. The biggest disappointment about Wilson’s signing is that we won’t get to soak up and giggle at the what was expected to be ridiculous amounts of Pirates-Blackbeard jokes, apparel, and artwork.

Shame on you, Dodgers, for depriving us of this wondrous bounty. A’rrrrrghhh!

What could have been..
What could have been..

UPDATE: 12:38pm from Giants beat writer Henry Schulman



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