fraud5A Milwaukee Brewers fan upset by the news of Ryan Braun’s PED use decided to wear a custom-made ‘Ryan Fraud’ jersey to the ballpark this week, but was forced to turn the shirt inside out by security at Miller Park.

Karen Eidem modified her Ryan Braun shirt so that it would read “FRAUD” on the back, a move that was not appreciated by Brewers security. They gave her an ultimatum – turn the shirt inside-out, or be ejected from the game.

Eidem turned the shirt inside-out and got to stay at the game, but she was the one who wound up with the last laugh. The local media picked up her story and the Brewers were forced to apologize for the incident.

The team’s official statement on the incident:

“In this case, the fan absolutely should have been able to wear the jersey without any intervention by our staff. We welcome the opportunity for fans to express their opinions. The only circumstances that would warrant us intervening is if someone were to display a message or item that would be considered offensive to other fans. This is not a case where that line was crossed, and we’re sorry for the inconvenience to her. We will reach out to Ms. Eidem to invite her to another game this year as our guest.”

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