Google unveiled Chromecast today, a $35 stick that connects to a TV’s HDMI port and allows users to stream online content via their wireless network.

The functionality of this new toy is explained further by Jason Evangelho of Forbes:

…imagine you’re lounging on the couch watching House of Cards via Netflix on your Nexus 7 — or any Android tablet or phone. Press the new “cast” button on Netflix, and the show gets “beamed” to your television, by signaling to the Chromecast to pull that content down from the internet.

At that point, the device becomes a remote control, but also retains its full functionality. In other words, feel free to check your email, join a Google Hangout, or jump on Twitter while enjoying the content on your TV.

Essentially, Chromecast even further connects and syncs all media content and devices for a smooth experience.

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