The Chicago Cubs and New York Yankees have a tentative deal in place for Alfonso Soriano, the overpaid outfielder the Cubs have been trying to rid themselves of for several years now.  If there is any indication that the Cubs are having a team-wide fire sale, this is it.  Yesterday, the Cubs unloaded Matt Garza for a package of prospects that could someday pay dividends for the Cubbies.  This deal, though, is all about shedding a bad contract and allowing some youngsters the opportunity to get some playing time in.

The deal revolves around the Cubs taking on a majority – if not all – of the cash remaining on the deal.  It also revolves around Soriano waiving his no-trade clause – which he probably will for the chance to return to the Bronx.  If he does so, and the Cubs do take most to all of the remaining cash, then they will receive a mid-level prospect in return.

Soriano played some of his best baseball while in Pinstripes.  As a 2B for the Yankees, Soriano was 3rd in the MVP voting in 2002 while being one home run shy of the elusive 40/40 Club (which he would later go on to become a part of while a member of the Nationals).  Since then, though, Soriano has hit 100+ RBIs only twice and recorded 20+ steals only three times.  While at the time of his signing the Cubs had high hopes due to his power and speed combination.  However, since Theo’s rebuilding process began, Soriano’s contract has been Public Enemy #1 on their books.  It is now officially time to unleash the wrecking ball in Chicago.

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