Newlywed Michael Jordan apparently has decided to undergo a procedure to reverse the vasectomy he had done after he divorced his first wife.

Gossip Extra first reported that despite the presence of a heavy pre-nuptial agreement, Jordan’s new wife, Yvette Prieto, has convinced MJ to untie his tubes and fertilize her. Not a huge shocker that she has interest in birthing a little His Airness considering it would entitle her to some pretty serious child support payments if the couple was to ever split.

Or maybe Yvette has more genuine intentions and just wants to start a family with Jordan, but I’m guessing Kanye West has his doubts.

Either way, the new Mrs. MJ did a pretty good job of convincing #23 to get un-snipped despite the fact that there are no guarantees of the reversal surgery even working. But, in all fairness, I imagine it would be pretty difficult to say no to a woman that looks as good as Prieto.

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