Veteran golfer Mark O’Meara sounded off today at his fellow golfers who were complaining about the conditions at Muirfield. The American is playing in his 28th British Open and was not pleased when he heard the younger contingent complaining about the course. He told Sky Sports exactly how he felt after he finished up his first round at four under.

“I’m not saying that I haven’t complained or gotten upset on the golf course, but I’m not a big fan of guys that get out there and whine a lot,” said O’Meara.

“I mean, I just don’t see any reason for it, especially today’s generation. They’re so talented, the players today, and they’re playing for so much money.

“To be at the top level of whatever sport you’re in, that requires some responsibility. That aspect of it I think players should be more aware of and players need to hopefully conduct themselves in the right manner on the golf course.

“When they don’t, it does bother me to be honest.”

The 56-year-old O’Meara won The Open in 1998 and said he’d seen, and played in far worse conditions.

“I’ve stood on holes where I could barely hold onto the club and it’s freezing, raining, sleeting and I can’t put my umbrella up. To me that’s way more miserable than what we had out there.

“I thought it was tough, it was challenging, but unfair? I say no. If they think it’s that way, then they need to look at the old man and say, ‘How did he do it that way?’ They should be able to play in these conditions.

Basically, Mark O’Meara doesn’t have time for your bitchin’.