While gearing up to watch Sharknado tonight, I almost missed this little nugget that popped up in my Google Reader Feedly feed (god, that sounds redundant). IFC Films has picked up The Canyons, the Lindsay Lohan vehicle that could very well be the biggest trainwreck in recent Hollywood history (non-big budget category, that is). If you don’t know anything about it, read this fantastic in-depth feature in New York Times Magazine, which will then make you wonder two things: 1) How the hell did this movie get made? and 2) it’s a bad sign for your movie when the most put together actor on set is male porn star James Deen (he of home-made Teen Mom porn).

The Canyons releases on August 2nd in theaters, but the good news is you can enjoy such glorious trash in the privacy of your own home via OnDemand.