The Bridge premieres tonight on FX. Early reviews indicate that FX has another solid drama on their hands, begging the question, is FX on the same level as AMC and HBO?

FX has knocked it out of the park lately, giving us some incredible television and early returns on it’s newest drama — which is loosely based on a Scandinavian show of the same name — suggest it will be worth watching.

‘Justified’ may be the most underrated show on TV, there’s never a dull moment in Sons of Anarchy, and The Americans enjoyed a solid debut season and before their newest crop of dramas, The Shield was often considered one of the best shows on television.

In addition to these wonderful dramas, FX’s arsenal also includes side-splitting comedies It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia and Archer.

‘The Bridge’ seems destined to be included in many Top 10 Lists when 2013 comes to an end. More from Warming Glow:

The show begins with two body halves — from two bodies, actually, an American judge and a Mexican prostitute — on either side of the Mexican-American border, which leads to an investigation into a serial killer that involves drugs, Mexican-American relations, and immigration. Diane Kruger plays an American investigator with Asperger’s teamed up with Oscar-nominated Demián Bichir, who is working the Mexico side of the case. Matthew Lillard and Annabeth Gish, among others, also star.

‘The Bridge’ seems to have the depth needed to succeed on TV these days. A strong narrative, a solid cast, and social undertones to keep people thinking when the show is not on.

If ‘The Bridge’ does live up to the early hype, it gives FX and HBO-like schedule with hits in all four seasons. Sons in the Fall, Justified in the Winter, The Americans in the Spring, and The Bridge in the Summer.

Most TV snobs will tell you that The Golden Age of Television began with The Sopranos and will end with the conclusion of Breaking Bad and Mad Men, but does this new drama signal the beginning of FX’s Golden Age?