Anthony Bourdain and his pals at Zero Point Zero Productions have a new show coming out on Esquire Network called ‘The Getaway.’ Bourdain and ZPZP have an almost flawless track record that includes No ReservationsThe Layover, and Parts Unknown so you know it well be well taken care of, but what is concerning is that the show’s success will be largely dependent on each celebrity host.

Joel McHale, Rashida Jones, Aziz Ansari, Seth (and brother Josh) Meyers, and Eve are among the 11 city guides that are supposed to give us an inside look at the city they tape in.

These No Reservations-style travel shows work because most plebeians do not get the chance to travel to any city they want so these episodes help us pick one or two that most appeal to us and allow us to dream about having enough gwap to travel to Belfast or Amsterdam.

On the other hand, these shows have become a bit repetitive — so it will really be up to each host to keep things interesting. Also, the show touting itself as one of these “how locals do it” type shows doesn’t make sense since they are sending super rich and famous people to these cities.

Either way, with Uncle Tony and his crew doing the behind the scenes stuff, it should be worth a shot.