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In a story that has caused even Michigan to be rooting against themselves, one of the best college football rivalries has played a role in helping a 12-year-old fight his cancer. Grant Reed is a 12-year-old Ohio State Buckeyes fan who was diagnosed with a brain tumor in 2011, and in order to beat the tumor he nicknamed it one of the things he wants to beat most: “Michigan.” It is no surprise that Grant has Buckeye fever, as both of his parents met while they were in the Ohio State marching band together while in college.

NBC 4i explains the good news of Grant finishing up chemotherapy:

When the bell rings at Nationwide Children’s Hospital, its sound represents renewed life.

“We’ve heard it run a few times. There was always the thought of having him to it. Today we got to hear it,” Troy said.

On the 11th floor at the hospital, the bell awaits patients completing their final chemotherapy treatment.

Doctors said the prognosis for Grant looks good.

“We’ve beaten Michigan for the short term, but like any rival, there’s a chance it can come back,” Troy said.

Grant will return to the hospital every three months for an MRI. He suffered some complications from treatment, which impacted his speech and mobility.

“I want to recover. I want to talk faster, I guess. Walk faster,” he said.

Even head coach of the Buckeyes Urban Meyer paid Grant a visit in the hospital during this past December to offer words of advice to the youngster, and probably receive a few tips himself on how to beat Michigan. I’m fairly certain to all say that in this specific instance, no one is rooting for ‘Michigan.’