wwwJust a couple days ago, Shaquille O’Neal laid into Dwight Howard for leaving the Los Angeles Lakers and taking his talents to the Houston Rockets. Shaq comments on Dwight were giving him grief for not being able to handle the pressure of L.A.

It was expected. We’ve all been in L.A., and not a whole lot of people can handle being under the bright lights. Everybody wants to do it, but when you get there, there are certain pressures. I think it was a safe move for him to go to a little town like Houston. That’s right, little town. I said it.

It looks like another Lakers great is also weighing in on Dwight leaving L.A., but doing so a little less bluntly. Kareem Abdul-Jabbar posted the following comment to his Facebook page in regards to Dwight:

Dwight Howard is a perfect example of the fact that “potential has a shelf life.”  Laker fans should be patient and allow Mitch & company to prepare themselves to do some serious work in the free agent market.

The shelf-life comment isn’t exactly a ringing endorsement for Dwight’s future and the free agent market he is referring to is the 2014 one which is full of talent.  Looks like Dwight will not be missed by a couple of former Lakers’ champions, but will the current squad miss him?