Did you think that the whale wasn’t capable of this? Come on, Bishan. As someone who surfs at least 5 times a week I can say that being in the ocean with even dolphins is intimidating. Add 10 feet and about a ton and you got a whale. STAY AWAY.

According to ABC:

Bishan Rajapakse, 38, was surfing with a friend when a whale “the size of a bus” surfaced close to the beach around 10:30am (AEST).

Mr Rajapakse says when he paddled over to take a look, he noticed the whale directly underneath him and woke up later on the sand.

“The whale actually moved pretty quickly so I guess it’s made me cautious to see what could happen,” he said.

“[I know] it’s better to look at them from afar [but] it’s pretty hard to move away from that temptation, because I guess the whale was looking so placid.”