In the bottom of the eighth inning at Progressive Park, Cleveland first basemen/self-proclaimed goofball/general nuisance Nick Swisher thought he fouled off a pitch down the 3rd base line.

Tigers catcher Brayan Pena did what young baseball players are taught to do and followed the ball down the line. The ball eventually rolled back into fair territory and Pena noticed that Swisher was too smiling his way towards his next at bat and wasn’t aware that Pena had picked up the now in-play ball. Pena excitedly dashed over to tag out Swish.

Pena is definitely the star of the video, staying true to fundamentals and wearing one of the best smiles in baseball history.

But not to be outdone is the Tigers broadcast team who were over the moon that Pena gave them a moment they could talk about on air for years to come.


If there was anyone in the league who deserved to have this happen to him it is Swisher who often gets so wrapped up in showing everyone watching that he’s a goofball that he has mental breakdowns like this one.