For the second time this year A.J. Burnett has had a rosin bag ‘give out on him.’ On Sunday during the Pirates match-up with the Chicago Cubs, Burnett grabbed the rosin bag and as he was tapping it across his leg it exploded actually causing a minor delay in the 4th inning. Make sure to watch as the announcers turn into little schoolgirls with their giggling. We have yet to see this happen to any other pitcher this year, yet alone twice. The first one which exploded happened at PNC Park and this one was at Wrigley.

As Larry Brown Sports astutely points out, it looks like this one was a prank as well:

Burnett went to the rosin bag after walking Chicago Cubs catcher Welington Castillo in the fourth, and the bag opened up on him. Burnett threw up two fingers at his teammates in the dugout to say, “You’ve got me twice with that prank!”

Here is the rosin bag incident from opening day of this year in case you need a little refresher.