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Jodie Meeks Did Not Clown Dwight Howard With Hilarious Photoshop… Sadly

We are pretty bummed to find out that Jodie Meeks really didn’t post this photo.  We aren’t mad because he shouldn’t have posted it, but because we 100% wish that he had.  A Jodie Meeks imposter, with a fake Jodie Meeks Instagram account, posted a photoshopped photo of Dwight Howard as a WNBA player to his Instagram account with a caption which read:

I’m really disappointed … The first thing that Dwight Howard did after signing his contract with Houston, it’s unfollow the lakers accounts on social networks #lakers #losangeles

jodie meeks

The Internet collectively freaked out for a little bit, as they should, and then Jodie took to his official Twitter account to let folks know it was not him who posted that.