Members of the unbelievably talented Spanish National Team had thousands of Euros taken from them in illegal fashion during the wee hours of their hotel in Brazil.

Original reports had the players getting robbed during their match versus Uruguay on June 16th. Now those reports are being refuted by hotel employees.

According to hotel employees, members of La Furia Roja were sent some entertainment in the form of a band, some booze, and some women. The Spaniards took the offerings up to their rooms and played strip poker late into the night.

When they woke up the next morning, the women and a lot of their money were gone, and Gerard Pique was in a lot of trouble.

Here’s more from Dirty Tackle:

The hotel employees told Globo that a band was brought in to entertain the players after their 2-1 win, accompanied by a group of women, beer and caipirinhas. The band played until 1 a.m. and then five women joined five players and members of the technical staff for a late-night game of strip poker. Some of the players then retired to their respective rooms with some of the women and when they woke up the next morning, the ladies were gone and so were several thousand euros.

This doesn’t sound good for Gerard Pique — the only player named in the orignal report — but before Shakira makes him bleed, it should be noted that he could’ve merely fallen victim to his teammate’s indiscretion. Which would be a very Pique thing to happen.

And an awesomely translated article from Globo:

On Sunday night, the 16th, after the victory over Uruguay by 2-1, a band pagoda was hired to liven up a party of the Spanish delegation at the hotel. Besides beer, caipirinha and music, the event was attended by women. Earlier, the party did not escape the ordinary: games, feasting and drinking.

But when the band Pagoda Only Pleasure stopped playing, around 1am, a group of five girls went to the area chambers with five athletes and a member of the technical committee. In the rooms, according to two officials, the group would have started a dispute strip-poker (card game where whoever loses a round takes a piece of clothing). The weather had warmed up with some athletes and women followed for individual quarters. When, the next morning, the girls were gone, members of the delegation gave lack of about a thousand euros.