There’s only one way to celebrate winning back-to-back NBA Championships, and that is by getting really stinkin’ drunk as quickly as possible. The Heat took that to heart last night as they partied hard in their locker room immediately following their Game 7 victory over the Spurs.

From SportsGrid:

CliffsNotes version:

-LeBron in lovable drunk mode: “I love the NBA.” (0:55)
-LeBron in angry drunk mode: “I don’t want to talk to y’all no more, leave me alone, get the fuck out my face.” (1:08)
-LeBron, Dwayne Wade and Ray Allen in self-aggrandizing mode: “How you say two of the best shooting guards ever?!” *drink* (1:35)
-Juwan Howard. That’s all. (2:25)
-Birdman Andersen in “I’m not that drunk, in fact I’m going to have a serious conversation with you” mode. (3:05)