Will the Big Three even be intact to three-peat?

It has been less than twenty-four hours since the Miami Heat were crowned champions, and they are already favored to win the title again next year.  Bovada has the Heat at 2-1 odds, with the Thunder behind them at 11-2.  The Spurs, the finals runner-up, are listed at 17-2, the fourth best odds.

The Bobcats and Magic are the heaviest of underdogs with each team sporting 500-1 odds.

With Dwyane Wade not fully healthy nor looking like the player he used to be, and rumors of Chris Bosh being on his way out of town, now might be the time to place an early bet on another team to win it all.  A couple of smart bets could be the Chicago Bulls at 15-2 or the Los Angeles Clippers at 18-1.  The Bulls made an impressive, however short, run in the playoffs minus superstar Derrick Rose, and could be out for blood against the Heat next year.  If the Clippers can hold onto Chris Paul, bring in Doc Rivers, and get some toughness with a guy like Kevin Garnett, they could quickly become a favorite to win the Western Conference.

Bovada also has some prop bets listed for next year: whether Manu Ginobili will be on the Spurs and whether James, Wade, and Bosh will all be on the Heat.

Some would say it’s too soon, but NBA fans know it’s never too early to start looking ahead to next season. After all, its only four months away.