Only hours after the epic Game 6 between the Miami Heat and San Antonio Spurs some are saying that it deserves to be in the conversation of one of the greatest NBA games of all-time. However some Heat fans who were at the game missed the legendary ending. There were large groups of Heat fans exiting American Airlines Arena when it appeared that Miami were about to lose the game. With the Heat down five with 22 seconds left in the game Miami fans showed their true allegiance to the team as they flocked out of the arena. However once they were outside and heard the crowd erupt in jubilation as the Heat miraculously tied the game these diehard Heat fans tried to reenter the arena and were denied. I know Miami isn’t a sports town, but this was the final moments of the season and there was still plenty of time remaining. How do you not have enough faith in your superstars and your beloved team to stick around for the final seconds?