16-year-old hockey player Nick Major was a victim of a violent attack during the game between Woodstock and rival Brantford in major midget ‘A’ in Ontario, Canada. In January Major’s Woodstock team were leading 7-2 and the youngster snowed the goalie which led to him getting crosschecked, having his helmet removed and received a dozen vicious punches to the head. Major was unable to fight back and somehow managed to skate off the ice on his own power. Major suffered from concussion symptoms and missed playing any games for the next 2-3 weeks. The unnamed Brantford player, who attacked him has a history of fighting was suspended for four games and Major received a two game suspension, which was later rescinded by the league.

The parents have since brought the video of the violent incident to the league as well as the police and are asking that assault charges be levied on the Brantford player. Nick’s mother Julie Major shared her fear from the attack, “I felt, right from seeing it happen, my son has been assaulted.” Over five months later the league has not increased the aggressive player’s penalty and the police have yet to take action.

Let us know how you feel, do the actions of the aggressor warrant assault charges and does fighting have a place in youth hockey?