LeBron James adds a new weapon to his basketball arsenal every offseason, it appears this previous year that the NBA superstar added flopping. Where did he learn this new skill? Well 71-year-old flopping coach Frank Calhoun claims he is the man responsible for LeBron’s new intentional falling. Calhoun boasts that he invented flopping and was the first player to ever flop in a professional basketball game when he did flamboyantly fell in a 1962 Trumbull County Generals game of the Ohio Valley Basketball Association.

Despite criticism, Calhoun insists that “Flopping is an artform.” Frank Calhoun enhanced LeBron’s game at the Flop-Like-A-Pro Basketball Camp. Calhoun became emotional when describing LeBron’s crowning flopping achievement, “I remember one time LeBron was really feeling it. It was during a pregame when they were shooting around. He just fell to the ground for no reason at all. Hell the refs saw it and he called a double technical on the Milwaukee Bucks bench.”

LeBron James and the Miami Heat better bring their best flop game on Tuesday night or they will flop out of the playoffs.