yesWelp, this was inevitable.  The NY Post ran a story last week in which Patriots’ owner Robert Kraft claimed that Vladimir Putin stole his XXXIX Super Bowl ring which he earned after his Patriots knocked off the Philadelphia Eagles.  Kraft said he met Putin at an event in 2005 and during so he showed off his ring to Putin who pocketed it and walked away.  Putin had thought the ring was a gift, but the story in the NY Post read like Kraft said that he was jacked by Putin. 

Not surprisingly Putin’s crew got wind of the story and now another person who attended the party is saying Putin didn’t steal the ring.

“What Mr. Kraft is saying now is weird,” Dmitry Peskov told CNN. “I was standing 20 centimeters away from him and Mr. Putin and saw and heard how Mr. Kraft gave this ring as a gift.”

Weird is right.