The Mets are an absolute mess. Last night, they lost to the Cubs 6-3 in an uninspired effort. One would figure today the Mets would come out with a little more gusto against the Cubs to save face.

During the top half of the first inning it became evident this wasn’t going to be the case.

With one out Cubs’ third baseman Cody Ransom hit a routine single to center field. Of course, routine doesn’t mean anything when the Mets are playing and they somehow found a way to give Ransom second base free of charge. Watch below:


Lots of blame to go around there. Jordany Valdespin with a pretty terrible throw to pitcher Jon Niese, Anthony Recker (he’s a catcher in case ¬†you’ve never heard of him) didn’t flinch as the ball went sailing past his battery mate, and also the Mets front office for fielding this horrendous excuse for a Major League team.